At House of Dontics, Every Smile has a Unique Story!

Dr. Chaitali Parikh, the spirited brain behind House of Dontics, carries a strong vision of revolutionizing orthodontics with a blend of art and science. With a passion for smiles and an eye for precision, Dr. Chaitali has spent over six years creating beautiful smiles that build confidence and radiate happiness.

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Dr. Chaitali Parikh
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Dr. Chaitali Parikh
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Dr. Chaitali Parikh with Certificate
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As a child, Dr. Chaitali Parikh was fascinated by the intricacies of science and the beauty of art. She dreamed of a profession where she could blend the two, and found her calling in orthodontic, an avenue that requires the precision of a scientist and the touch of an artist. She pursued her BDS and MDS, and later added a PGDPM from the prestigious institute IIM, Indore to her academic accolades, equipping her with not just medical knowledge but also management expertise.

In 2017, she embarked on her journey in the world of orthodontic. Armed with her knowledge and a patient-first approach, she quickly made a mark in her field. However, she had a bigger dream – to democratize access to quality orthodontic care. This led to the birth of House of Dontics, where every smile is treated with precision, care, and personalized treatment plans.

Crafting Confidence and Joy,
One Smile at a Time

Over the past six years, Dr. Chaitali Parikh has shown an unyielding commitment to her patients. Her expertise, coupled with an unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest quality of care, has helped House of Dontics grow into a trusted name in orthodontics.

Her philosophy is simple – every smile is unique, and so should be its care. Driven by this belief, she works relentlessly, striving to improve and innovate in her field. To Dr. Chaitali, a smile is more than just a curve; it’s a symbol of confidence, joy, and individuality.

Dr. Chaitali Parikh in Clinic