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Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad

Gum Treatment
House of Dontics Team

Gum Treatment is a solution for periodontal disease, which is an inflammation disease that affects the tooth's support and surrounding soft tissues before finally damaging the bone in the jaw.

Gum Surgery begins with the cure of gum disease, an infection by bacteria of the gum tissue. Bacterial infection develops when the toxic compounds in plaque create pain and swelling in the gums. When this bacterial infection develops in the gum gaps between the teeth, it becomes much more difficult to remove and cure.

At House of Dontics, Our Dentist, concentrate on providing the best guidance related to Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad, with an authentic consultation at the very start. This is to analyse your condition and the factors that can affect the treatment.

Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad

Benefits of Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment has long been considered a successful way to sustain dental health and avoid gum disease. Some of the main benefits other than the Gum Treatment Cost in Ahmedabad that we offer are:

A Beautiful Smile

Your gums, along with your teeth, play an important part in developing an appealing smile. Consulting our Periodontist in Ahmedabad can help you keep clean, healthy-looking gums.

Fresh Breath

Constant bad breath is a sign of gum disease and is caused by the buildup of food particles, bacteria, and plaque on the gum line. Gum Surgery is to maintain the wellness of the mouth.

Recognition of Additional Medical Problems

The cavity in your teeth can reveal a lot about your overall well-being, and regular dental examinations and a <ḍa href="" class="text-primary">Smille Analysis will allow your dentist to do assessments of your mouth, allowing any possible problems to be recognised.

Tartar Treatment

Tartar and plaque can build up above as well as below the level of the gums, and if neglected, they can cause critical oral health problems. Tartar and plaque are rarely noticed and treated independently. Frequent Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad is necessary to maintain your long-term dental wellness.

What Causes Gum Problems?

tooth damage

Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria may bind to gums and teeth in the form of oral plaque, which is a sticky material that collects on the tooth every day. If dental plaque continues to stay on teeth for a long time, it forms a crystallised deposit known as tartar, which attaches to teeth at the gum line. Tartar cannot be cured with brushing or flossing.

Gum disease

Foreign Bodies

Foreign entities influence the tissues of the gums, including improperly shaped dental work or sensitivity to substances in dental work. Foreign bodies can also cause viral infection, that results in gum disease. Gingivostomatitis in children is an illness marked by swelling and ulcers surrounding the mouth or gums. It might be the result of a microbial or viral illness, or just inadequate dental hygiene.

Congenital absence


Some medicines or injury to the salivary glands can create gum issues by reducing the amount of saliva in the mouth, resulting in a dry mouth. The development of bacteria in the mouth is possible when saliva flow is reduced or absent entirely. It can lead to tooth decay and gum troubles.



Periodontitis is caused by plaque, a sticky bacteria covering your teeth. Plaque is formed when foods mix with organisms in your mouth. Using floss and toothbrushes can help reduce plaque, but it swiftly returns. If plaque is not cleaned, it will develop into tartar, which must be removed by a dentist.

Types of Gum Treatment

Laser Gummy Smile Correction

Gummy Smile Treatment Laser (Gum Treatment) improves smiles by having an excess of gum display, making the teeth seem short. It can have an impact on one's confidence and physical attractiveness. Laser Gummy Smile Correction acts as a boost for self-esteem. The dentist removes additional gum tissue through a highly accurate Laser Gum Surgery.

Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing

Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing (Gum Treatment) is a complete cleaning treatment of gum that reduces tartar and plaque from the teeth and gums. It helps to avoid gum disease and maintain your oral health.The Periodontist in Ahmedabad, Dr. Chaitali Parikh, uses specialised equipment for cleaning both above and beneath the gum line, thereby removing plaque and tartar.

Deep Cleaning Teeth

Gum disease therapy includes Deep Cleaning teeth, which involves root planing and scaling. It removes the deep spaces between the teeth, reducing dangerous germs and tartar. The Periodontist uses tools to clean deep underneath the gum line, polishing the roots of the teeth to aid in gum reattachment.

Gums Surgery

Gums surgery is necessary because the condition is serious and can't be cured with regular cleanings. It improves oral wellness and prevents additional tooth loss. Gums Teeth Surgery plays an important role when it comes to saving the tooth. To gain access to the tooth roots, the dentist removes the excess gums. After thoroughly washing the roots and removing harmful tissue, the gums are sewn back into place.

Socket Preservation Therapy

  Socket Preservation Therapy (Gum Treatment) is used to maintain bone structure after tooth extraction. This is necessary for long-term implants in the mouth and good oral health. After the tooth has been removed, the Periodontist implants a bone transplant or particular material into the vacant cavity.

Bad Breath Treatment

To solve the problem of bad breath, Gum Treatment is used, which can be caused by poor hygiene, gum disease or other health issues.

The first step in this procedure is to conduct a cleaning process. This treatment of gum may involve curing gum disease, polishing and scaling, and products like mouth rinses are also recommended.

Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser gum depigmentation (Gum Treatment) reduces dark spots or patches that cover the gums, resulting in an improved consistent and healthy appearance. This is frequently used for cosmetic purposes. The dentist uses laser Gums Surgery to gently remove the outer layer of pigmented gum tissue.

Mobile Teeth Solution with Splinting

Mobile Teeth Solution with Splinting preserves loose teeth by attaching them to the stronger surrounding teeth, giving them stability until your gums and bones recover. The splint keeps the teeth fixed while allowing the tissues that support them to regenerate and strengthen. Regular visits to the dentist make sure the splint continues to be effective.

Success Rate of Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment is considered to be a very successful treatment, with a success rate of around 95% in most of the cases. However, it is essential to note that the success rate depends on a variety of factors like the type of procedure preferred and the amount of aftercare being followed. Laser Gum Treatment is considered the most popular Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad at the House of Dontics.

Different treatment types have different success rates, For the most accurate answer, it is essential to consult a specialist to get an answer to your condition and determine which treatment will benefit you the most.

On the other hand, to get a better result from the Gum Surgery in Ahmedabad, it is essential to follow the aftercare suggested by the specialist.

  • Inform your doctor if you have any severe illnesses, such as the flu, common cold, infections, a high fever, or prescription adjustments for the Gum Treatment procedure.
  • Eat healthy before surgery and then move to a liquid diet until the feeling of numbness disappears.
  • Prioritise self-care before dental implants treatment.
  • If you are taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, Follow the instructions on when to stop or alter your medication.
  • You must follow basic oral hygiene, that is, brush your teeth thoroughly before the Gum Treatment.
  • Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco for at least 24 hours before your Gum Treatment.
  • Avoid trying to force or play around any bandages or stitches, as this may irritate the area, preventing proper recovery.
  • Do not pull on your gum or try other actions, such as nail biting, since they may act as a barrier to healing and even harm the area of surgery.
  • Stay away from straws for the first 24 hours following an operation since they could lead to bleeding from pressure on the area of Gum Treatment.
  • Avoid washing or spitting after treatment of gums till the next day since this could raise the risk of blood from suction and force.
  • Swelling might increase within two to three days of Gum Surgery. To reduce swelling, apply ice to your face for ten minutes.

Bruising occurs on occasion. It's typical and will persist for around seven to ten days due to Gum Surgery.

Gum Treatment Cost in Ahmedabad

The Gum Treatment Cost is sustainable and reasonable given the condition it offers to solve. The range of the cost can vary according to the type of treatment procedure you prefer and the amount of medication involved in your personalised condition.

The Cost of Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs. 4000 onwards, and it can vary according to the situation and the treatment preferred.

The Laser Gum Surgery Cost starts from Rs. 8,000 onwards, and it may vary according to the condition you are experiencing. The cost of this depends upon the materials used. The cost may run up with the utilisation of bone join materials, regenerative films, bony resection and so forth.

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Outcomes of Gum Treatment

Treatment of Gums at House of Dontics may substantially improve the condition of your teeth. Once the procedure is completed, your teeth and gums will no longer bleed while you clean or brush. The areas will stop to feel swollen and red, indicating that they are healthy.

Healthy gums may better support the enamel of your teeth, making them stronger. You'll also discover that your breath smells cleaner since the tiny organisms that cause unpleasant odours will be removed. Eating and cleaning your gums will be simpler, allowing you to take pleasure in your meals while keeping your teeth clean. Overall, Gum Treatment promotes a more sanitary and healthier mouth and can help you preserve your teeth for many years.

Why Choose Us for The Best Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad?

At House of Dontics, we provide you with the best Gum Surgery in Ahmedabad. You, as an individual, are a valuable asset to us, not only as a patient but also as an individual who has built their trust in us.

For the cure of gum diseases, we make sure to provide you with a comfortable environment to make you feel at home. We duly concentrate on the counselling part of the treatment to understand you better and analyse the best treatment based on your current condition and any medical history. Also, we discuss the Cost of Gum Treatment.

We are equipped with advanced technology to make the treatment procedure as painless as possible. This equipment helps us reduce the overall treatment time and provides more long-lasting and bio-compatible treatment options.

Lastly, we concentrate on the quality of the treatment, like Laser Treatment for Teeth Gums, by using the best possible material. It helps us provide top-notch dental care and reduces long-term problems that patients may face post-treatment, like Laser Gum Surgery. Contact us to ensure the safety of your gums.

Now, with the combination of all, we open our arms for your welcome at the House of Dontics for the Best Gum Treatment in Ahmedabad. Go ahead and don't hesitate to call us!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gum Treatment?
Gum Treatment also known as periodontal treatment, involves procedures concerning preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum disease and other conditions affecting the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.
What are the signs of Gum Disease?
Signs of Gum Disease can vary depending on the stage of the condition, but common symptoms include, bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, Receding gums or longer-looking teeth, Loose or shifting teeth, etc.
Is Gum Disease reversible with the help of Gum Treatment?
Yes, it is often reversible with proper oral hygiene and professional dental care. However, once gum disease progresses to periodontitis, it is not entirely reversible. Thus, consulting a dentist is the best option for now.
Will Gum Treatment hurt?
The treatment for Gum Disease may cause a bit of discomfort. But it is generally manageable. Non-surgical treatments, such as professional cleaning scaling and root planing, may cause mild to moderate discomfort, and local anaesthesia can be used to minimize pain during the procedure.
What are the risks of untreated Gum Disease?
Untreated Gum Disease can lead to several serious oral health problems. It can cause a problem with the structure of the teeth, leading to tooth loss. It can increase the risk of systemic conditions